CANEDA Flat Deck

  • Are you in need of flat deck services to or from the Continental US and Canada?

Step Deck, Double Drop, Low Boy, Super B, Curtain, Heavy Haul

Caneda Transport got its start in the flat deck business and has been a supply chain provider for over 35 years. Whether you want flat deck, extendable flat deck, step deck, double drop, low boy, super B, curtain side trailers, RGN, heavy haul, or over dimensional, Caneda has access to any equipment you require through our trusted team of partner carriers. We go into and out of the Continental US and Canada; units are bonded, and PIP and C-TPAT compliant.

Over Dimensional

Not all carriers are equipped to take over-dimensional loads. At Caneda we have access to experienced drivers who are licensed for multi-dimensional loads and specialize in this type of trucking. Every state and province has differing regulations, so it is important to contract the services of a supply chain provider experienced in moving multi-dimensional freight. At Caneda, we make sure all the necessary permits and paper work are in order, and we communicate with the power companies and other utilities to ensure a coordinated and organized effort so your freight gets where it needs to go, safely and on time.

Please contact Caneda if you would like a quote, or if we can be of further assistance with any of your flat deck/over-dimensional freight forwarding needs.

Flat Deck