• Are you interested in the cost savings of LTL?
  • Are you hesitant to ship your goods LTL due to concerns of damaged or lost freight?

Consolidation of Shipments & Low Claims Ratio

At Caneda Transport we do LTL differently so your shipments are secure. Whether you are shipping 1 pallet or 10, you get the benefit of our consolidated shipping method. Because your freight often remains on the same truck all the way to the final destination and there is minimal cross docking, handling and reloading, loss, theft, damage, and misdirection are almost non-existent. This is one reason why Caneda has an extremely low claims ratio. Not only are your goods safe, but they arrive on time. Our LTL service provides many of the advantages of dedicated or direct service but at LTL rates.

Cross-border LTL

Another thing that sets us apart from other freight providers is the cross border nature of our LTL; we provide both inbound and outbound service. Furthermore, pricing is simplified so that you can get a quote quickly right over the phone. Pricing is set by the number of pallets, or by weight, or a combination of the 2; however we determine we can save you the most money. The bulk of our company drivers are FAST certified and Caneda is PIP and C-TPATcompliant.

Visit the Terminals page of our website to learn more about our traffic lanes. Contact Caneda for a quote or to learn more about the unique advantages of our LTL service.

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