CANEDA Logistics

  • Are supply chain problems causing your core business to suffer?
  • Does your business need skilled logistics professionals to manage and support your supply chain?

Supply-Chain Management

Caneda Transport is not just an asset-based transportation company. We are also experienced logistics management professionals. If supply chain issues are hampering your ability to excel at your core business, Caneda is here to help. With branch offices in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; and Mira Loma, California, we have the resources not only to get your freight where it needs to go, but to carry the full responsibility for managing every aspect of that freight movement. We will work with you to help assess what you need, come up with a plan, and get you the best price we can. Because we work with a large network of partners, our resources aren’t limited to our own trucks and warehouses, and we are able to remain competitive with the largest carriers.

C-TPAT, PIP, HazMat, Over-dimensional – US & Canada

We are PIP and C-TPAT-certified, as well as licensed to move hazardous materials, and experienced with over-dimensional loads. Whether you are looking for service from east to west, or into or out of the Continental US, Caneda can accommodate what you need.

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Caneda Logistics