Rail Containers

  • Did you know that rail transport can be extremely cost effective?
  • Are you aware that Caneda is a supply chain provider with intermodal transportation experience?

Intermodal – Convenient, Economical & Secure

When it comes to shipping freight that isn’t time sensitive, intermodal transport can be highly cost-effective.  Because intermodal containers are designed for shipping from sea to rail to truck without unloading or reloading the freight, intermodal is also a very secure form of transport.

Door-to-Door & Heated Service

Full loads are shipped in 40 or 53-foot containers known as a sea can, box, intermodal, hi-cube or ISO container. Heated transport is also available depending on equipment availability at the time. If you have never shipped by rail before, we are happy to walk you through it. We can arrange door-to-door and overseas service. We have intermodal experience and enjoy preferred status with CN Rail. While our lanes of traffic are usually northbound or east-west, we have many connections in the industry so we aren’t limited.

If you would like to see if intermodal transportation might be a good fit for some of your freight, contact Caneda for further information.