• Is the safety and security of your goods your biggest priority?
  • Are you looking for a carrier that won’t compromise when it comes to safety?

At Caneda Transport, we not only enjoy a very low claims ratio, but we are also very proud of our safety record. Safety is another element of our company that allows us to provide you with excellent service.

C-TPAT, PIP, FAST, Bonded, HazMat, COR & PAC


Our status as a C-TPAT and PIP certified supply-chain provider, along with our FAST certification not only allows for expedited clearance times at customs, but provides you with confidence in the security of your freight. As part of the security protocols for the US and Canada, video surveillance is required in our yards, buildings and cross-dock facilities.


FAST - Free And Secure Tradeace

- Hazmat Certified

- Bonded for Canada and USA


COR (Certificate of Recognition) is a health and safety management system. It is designed to help minimize the risk of injury or illness to workers. Each terminal has a health and safety committee that meets weekly, and yards and warehouses are routinely inspected for safety compliance.

COR - Workplace Safety - Certificate of Recognition


We have many long-term owner-operators who take great pride in their trucks. Our company drivers appreciate that our trucks are new and well maintained and they take excellent care of the equipment. Our maintenance routine is so stringent that breakdowns are almost unheard of at Caneda.

The condition of our trucks, the security of our warehouses, and the competence of our drivers or partner carriers means you can trust your freight to Caneda.

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