The story of Caneda Transport is a simple one. It started in 1975 as one truck hauling lumber. But, as with any successful company, there was hard work and a dream. And as the saying goes, “it takes team work to make the dream work”. Two people - both of them farm kids from humble roots - worked hard, more trucks were acquired and Caneda began hauling produce. There were trials along the way, but the biggest lesson learned was that diversification is necessary to survival. And diversify they did. The Calgary base of operations expanded to include Toronto, Ontario in Eastern Canada; and Mira Loma, California in the United States. Caneda started to haul just about anything and everything, between the US and Canada, as well as regionally.

The lesson of diversity has shaped the company you see today. There is no “typical client” at Caneda. We haul flowers and fruit, HazMat and hard hats. We deal with small shippers, large shippers, over-dimensional goods, factories and the oil field. We even have international air capabilities. We have such a broad base of experience and so many relationships in the industry that we can come up with a creative solution for just about any freight forwarding problem.

Diversity has also shaped the work environment. There is no such thing as “that is not my job”. The owners have always pitched in and helped, changing oil in trucks or running the forklift. To this day senior management helps out whether it’s in customs, reception, or sales and dispatch.

Things are a little different at Caneda. Not only has the team approach served the company itself well, the owners are still best friends after all these years. And it doesn’t get any better than that.

If you would like to learn more about our cross border LTL, TL, flat deck, reefer, heated, HazMat or over-dimensional transportation services, contact us at Caneda.