CANEDA Warehousing

  • Is warehousing a necessary component of your shipping schedule?
  • Are you a supply chain provider looking for secure warehouse space?

Secure Warehousing

Caneda Transport is more than a freight forwarding company. We have secure warehousing and cross docking facilities in Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; and Mira Loma, California. Contributing to our low claims ratio at Caneda are the security protocols we follow as part of our C-TPAT and PIP certifications. Video surveillance, gated yards, and walk-throughs are standard at our cross dock and warehouse spaces. Our warehouses and cross dock facilities are available to other supply chain providers and as part of our 3PL services, for a couple of hours, days, or even up to a month.

Whether you are searching for heated, dedicated, or food-grade warehouse space, we will do our best to source what you need through our trusted supply chain partners.

If you are a shipper or supply chain provider needing secure warehousing or cross docking facilities, contact Caneda.

Caneda WarehousingCaneda WarehousingCaneda Warehousing